Wednesday, February 14, 2007

ftx santa monica

ftx santa monica

the sky was grey, hidden behind the thick sad clouds – if it was there at all.

it was saturday the 27th of january and raining. the night before my first ftx (french toast & hugs gang) event in los angeles and i was going to have to postpone.

if the stars were out i couldn’t see them.
i had something to wish for but nothing to wish on.

there were concerns that the following sunday, superbowl sunday, would be a mistake. but february 4th it was.

my good friend david drove me to santa monica in a van filled with fixins. pumpkin breds next to sweet breds, maple and honey and new zealand chocolate. many of the gang were already there, smiling as we drove up. i could see my friends and behind them the pacific stretched for miles. that was when i knew we had picked the right day.

it was one of those special days – you know the kind where it’s its own season. crisp air and ocean hinted scents. the sun made warm spots on the green grass with its dreamlike light. the kind of day where you see the pollen falling through the air alongside the laughter.

a perfect day.

there are, i’m sure, a lot of stories from that day by the pacific.

my first moment giving my good friend, young jack cline, his sky blue ftx 44 shirt.

like how the (santa monica) law fought daisy and how daisy won (him over).

the open air soundtrack accompanied on flute by ftx 45, jovin.

my beautiful friends mary, christian and baby luke in his red sleeved ftx 32.

france running down joggers.

sean’s purple seahorse and kevin’s gto – both timeless art made out of american steel.

there were friends i hadn’t seen in a long long time, mingling mingling.

it was so clear that day that i think i caught a glimpse of good friend sarah over there in oz.

i’ve been realizing more and more lately how everything is connected. how who we are effects everything else. i like to think of all of my friends as stars - each wonderful and unique. and when you pull back away you see the connections between them become constellations. pictures in the sky.

i realize i have a murky perception of myself. who i am hidden from myself by myself. and i realize that my friends out there can see me better than i can.
they can see to the horizon.

i’m working really hard at it, to have better vision. and on days like this day, a perfect day, i feel that i’m closer than ever before to seeing the big picture.





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