Thursday, June 01, 2006

ftx times square (may 31, 2006)

hi everyone. so if you don't already know it, i'm in nyc working on the
end part of spidey #3. one of the 3 reasons i took this show was to
get to represent the "french toast and hugs gang" in nyc by cooking
up some tasty foods in times square and central park. i have to say
i was nervous. i have never done this just to a normal public that
doesn't know me from anyone. let alone in the heart of the biggest
city in the world. but hey no one said being in a gang would be easy.
people were guessing that i would get shut down by the cops or
even tossed in jail for not having a permit (how badass would that
be... in jail for fried bred). some doomsayers said that people wouldn't take
free french toast because they wouldn't trust a stranger. but none of those things
worried me (and as it played out never should have). what worried me was would the french toast taste good.

i used jewish challah bred this time around. it was recommended to me
by the 2nd unit scripty robin. it turns out that this was a wise wise decision.

here's a short recap of wednesday the 31st. some ftx members and rock star
crew met in the essex hotel lobby at 9:30am on our day off and we headed
out - metrocards in hand.

taking the "F" train from central park south to times square we carried
all the ingredients plus the famous red wagon supplied by ftx6 down
the steep stairs and onto the train. so what if i'm carrying explosive
propane onto a public vehicle - it's not like it's my first time.

when we arrived the group decided setting up in the MIDDLE of times square
in a foot-traffic only island was the only way to go!

people came quick and fast and almost no one asked why we were doing
this. one businessman didn't even take of his headphones. he just took
his breakfast like we were his usual stop, ate and then headed on his way.

some samples of the people who came by were NY traffic cops, cab drivers, scooter riders, tourists, people going to work, and kids with milk moustaches delaying school just for 1 moment more.

one nypd cop even came over and asked us why we were there. to which
the gang responded to hand out free french toast. he said that we
can't be set up in the middle of the road like this but until someone
complains he'll just let us slide. his only regret... that he already
had breakfast. how can you NOT love nyc?

a traffic cop told her co-worker that was 6 blocks away about it via radio
and she came running. we fed so many traffic cops that i think that the
ftx gang has a permanent get out of j-walking pass.

we had strawberries, maple syrup, butter, cinnamon, powdered sugar, vanilla
and chocolate whipped cream and a photo of daisy mae.

messrob even supplied a statue of liberty lighter.

all in all a nice carb day and we left content and a bit tired.
june 21 will be ftx in central park. this time though i'll bring some tunes.

hope you all are well and enjoying the summer.

check out some photos here:

i miss you all.
love shyam.

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